Christiane Kirsch, PhD, holds a Doctorate in Psychology from the University of Luxembourg, in co-supervision with Université Paris Descartes. Her doctoral thesis explored the typical profiles of creative people in arts, science, and everyday life. She continued her postdoctoral studies at the Marconi Institute for Creativity in Bologna, Italy, where she was involved in the CREAM project "Creativity Enhancement through Advanced Brain Mapping and Stimulation." This project, funded by the European institutions, focused on the multidisciplinary analysis of the neural substrates that intervene in creativity in different domains of application. She continues to be actively involved in international research projects. She is affiliated with the University of Luxembourg as an external researcher and guest lecturer, and intervenes as a keynote speaker in international conferences.

Christiane Kirsch holds a scientific master's degree in psychology (MS), evaluation and assessment from the University of Luxembourg, a professional master's degree in mediation (MA) from the University of Luxembourg and a postgraduate degree (PG) in multimodal arts psychotherapy from the Laboratory of Clinical Psychology (PCSA) in Luxembourg.

In addition to her training in human sciences, Christiane Kirsch has had professional training in modern-jazz dance at the Espace Pléiade Paris and holds a First Price in jazz dance from the Conservatory of Luxembourg. She is certified in Taoism and Western Culture by the DeTao Masters Academy, in Mindfulness for Well-being and Peak Performance and in Food as Medicine by Monash University in Australia, in Exercise Prescription for the Prevention and Treatment of Disease by Trinity College Dublin, and in Muscular Reinforcement by the National School of Physical Education and Sports in Luxembourg. She is an approved "Add Heart Facilitator" from the HeartMath Institute California. 

The Academy for Creativity and Higher Consciousness is an institute for teaching, research, and intervention, which offers a revolutionary approach to psychic counseling and soul therapy. It is open to everybody who desires holistic healing, expansion of consciousness, and who aims to reach higher states of awareness. Every therapy is a self-metamorphosis and requires daily personal investment. The mentor can only produce miracles to the extent that the apprentice embraces them.